Badoo Website Review & Ratings + Badoo Coupons
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Badoo Website Review & Ratings + Badoo Coupons

Badoo: Products & Services

Badoo operates a social network platform that is free for all but with a charge for higher status, available in 40 languages and operates in 180 countries.

The site offer these services; (1) Affiliate solutions where people can affiliate their own branded social network with access to Badoo’s massive database along with all the features, fun and expert support of the world’s largest social network for meeting new people. (2) Advertising on the site: since it is claimed that more than 5,000,000 adults visit Badoo daily. You can find out ways to advertise products or services with them on their website. Other income generating mediums from the members are buying of super powers and credits. Badoo also offers the ability to play various games on the site.

There is also a section dedicated for hiring called Job Opportunities where world-class talent can become a part of the company’s core team.

Badoo: Company Background

Badoo was launched in 2006 being managed out of its Soho, Central London headquarters at Office 422 Little Russell Street, London, London - WC1A 2HS, United Kingdom. It was however owned by a company based in Cyprus located at 332 Agiou Andreou Street, "Patrician Chambers", 3035 Limassol, Cyprus. The owner who a Russian entrepreneur named Andrey Andreev. Other mediums such as the as well as Mcjonline documents declare that that Badoo started in 2003. As of November 2011, Badoo claimed to have over 130 million registered users of which 6 million are from the US. They presently have 172,845,501 registered Badoo members are located worldwide according to their website. The official Badoo USA launch was on March 23, 2012 with Nick Cannon introducing the service in the US. You can always contact them on their website.

Badoo: Customer Feedback & Reviews

In December 2012, was ranked as the 59th most visited website according to Google, based search on Google AdPlanner statistics. Reviews archived in Alexa has a mixed feedback, while some think that most of the registered members are fake accounts probably used by the Badoo team to inflate the number of people on Others however feel it is entertaining and welcoming especially with the wide range of support for pictures.

The reviews at Trust Pilot gave a very poor rating of 1.1 out of 10 to Badoo from 116 customers and most of these reviews are recent. With an easy reach on Crunchbase, there are commendable editorial contents applauding and announcing the efforts of Badoo; given by Bloomberg, 2011, Mashable, 2011, TechCrunch, 2011, Wall Street Journal, 2012, Wired magazine, 2012, Fast Company magazine, 2012, Forbes, 2012.

However, most of the reviews on Measured Up are more to seeking solutions to problems encountered with the site such as password theft, access and loading the Badoo page issues etc. Summarily, I would say the overall feedbacks of people are as better than bad reports, hence making it difficult to take a definite stand.

Badoo: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

At a forum set aside for Badoo on Web of Trust, It was concluded that Badoo seems to be increasing the spread of spam by attempting to harvest the address books of those with Gmail and Google mail accounts, and then using the harvested e-mail addresses to send spam and are involved in phishing.

Online Dating Insider also has an article detailing how suspicious the rise of is especially its claims of revenue and membership. BBB does not have Badoo on their record at all.

Badoo: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Google PageRank gives the site a 6/10 rank, and  Alexa gives the company a global rank of 139 and 43 in Brazil Ranking with a reputation of 7,753 sites linked in. also gave 6/10 Google PageRank and 140 Alexa score with an estimated website worth of $53,403,421 USD. The site also gave 89% Seo score with 10.33 Pageview per User plus average time on site as 13:12. The site gives Badoo a 40% safety rating from Google Safe browsing and SiteAdvisor but warning for AVG Antivirus. estimated the website net worth based on its traffic value and online website advertisement revenue alone has around $17.3 Million and receives 7.9 Million daily page views, generating nearly $23,741 in daily ads revenue while Mcjonline estimates that the site gets around 60,223,400 daily page views from 7,527,925 unique visitors. It also has 151,000,000 pages indexed by Google and 6,950,000 by Bing.

Badoo: Social Media Presence

Badoo’s social media presence is commendable especially for the peculiar services that they render. According to Webstatsdomain, Badoo has 9,161 Facebook Comments, 508,236 Facebook Likes and 52,797 Facebook Shares.

However, presently, they are on linkedin, and also have a page on Google+. They have 2,683 tweets and 49,968 followers on twitter and their face book page has 8,730,094 likes. They also have a blog last updated 14th of February, 2013 with consistent activity on the blog.

Badoo: Website Security & Safety

Many users complain that Badoo signed them up forcefully without their consent most of the time and then went ahead to invade their email contactsand send spam emails to all of their contacts without their permissio,n telling them that they (the person being spammed) "has left the recipient a message”. That is out rightly bad and threatens the very core of the security of the members on the site however; they at least prepared a page to talk about your safety and how you can help increase it. They also mentioned in their Privacy Policy how credit card information is not stored in their system but technical information about the application such as the computer or mobile used in accessing their site. Google Safe browsing gives the site a safe rating.

Badoo: Pricing & Packages

There is nowhere that the prices for the various services that Badoo has on sales are indicated on the website. It seems that only registered members will be able to see the actual prices. The closest mention of it is a redirection to contact the Customer support team if there are any issues with payment.

Badoo: Shipping Rates & Policies

Due to the nature of this company, it currently does not provide a shipping policy. Shipping does not apply as no direct product is offered. The company only provides a service accessible to customers without the mean of anything physical being shipped. Shipping fees are therefore exempted from all payments that will be charged to customers when final arrangements are made. Badoo operates a social network platform that is free for all but with a charge for higher status and is available in 40 languages and operates in 180 countries.

Badoo: Payment Methods Accepted

The website accepts credit card, PayPal and sms payments but does not specify the level of security attached to these payment methods; perhaps, signed up members are the only one to see the actual procedure of payment and the security that goes with it.

This payment method is likely to cover for both the super powers and Badoo credits purchases, though it was not clearly indicated how the Badoo credits will be paid for.

Badoo: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

There is no return or refund policy on Badoo based on their Terms and Condition of Use. Badoo offers the opportunity to pay for certain services offered on the site. The premium services include various opportunities to find and meet more people, to modify and boost profile for more visibility. All of these premium services can be purchased after registration but they are paid for, they are non-refundable.

Badoo: Product images & screenshots
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